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Welcome to our Portfolio, a compelling showcase of Avery Milton Agency’s finest works.

Journey through our diverse range of projects that exhibit creativity, precision, and innovative thinking, crafted from a unique blend of technical acumen and artistic flair.

Each piece in this gallery is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and a demonstration of our ability to transform visions into tangible results.

From groundbreaking e-commerce platforms to striking architectural designs, explore our accomplishments and discover why Avery Milton Agency is trusted by businesses around the globe to deliver solutions that drive success. Embark on this exploration, and let the quality of our work speak for itself.

IKEA of Sweden: A Journey of Product Innovation and Design

Over a span of eight months (November 2017 to June 2018), we had the pleasure of having Elias Ayoub on our team, working at IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult. Elias focused on product innovation, particularly on developing and enhancing bed platforms and storage solutions.

Elias refined the products through his combination of technical expertise and design sensibility, resulting in solutions that were both practical and aesthetically appealing. His creative thinking and innovative ideas contributed to making the products more efficient and user-friendly, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

During his time at IKEA, Elias developed a range of competencies, including innovation development, product innovation, 3D design, 3D visualization, and product design. He also showed proficiency in working in English, facilitating international communication and collaboration.

Elias, as a passionate and driven mechanical engineer, demonstrated his ability to create meaningful and effective solutions in product development. His work at IKEA of Sweden exemplifies his talent for reshaping customer experience through smart design and innovative solutions. This experience further fortified his role in Avery Milton Agency, where he continues to contribute to our clients’ success.

Geometric architect at Volvo Trucks

One of Avery Milton Agency’s leading experts, Elias Ayoub, has made significant strides in geometric architecture for heavy vehicles. As a geometric architect at Volvo Trucks, Elias has developed high-volume solutions and worked on cross-functional engine part projects.

From conceptual development to early-phase exploration, Elias ensures geometric safety and conducts virtual verification in 3D packaging environments. He oversees the production and testing of design concepts, ensuring they meet the highest quality and performance standards, while coordinating various departments to find optimal solutions.

Elias’ role at Volvo Trucks reflects his ability to manage complex projects and deliver innovative, high-quality solutions that meet industry standards, demonstrating Avery Milton Agency’s commitment to precision and innovation.

Customer Analysis for Salons: Improved Marketing through Targeted Data Collection

At Avery Milton Agency, we delve deep into our clients’ databases to optimize their marketing efforts. A prime example of this was a project with a salon, where we conducted a thorough analysis of their existing customer data.

The task involved a meticulous review of all customers and data, categorizing the different services ordered by each customer. Using these insights, we were able to help the salon market targeted services to similar customers more effectively.

Data for this analysis was sourced from ‘Bokadirekt’, facilitating an exhaustive review. This data-driven approach resulted in helping the salon streamline its advertising, leading to an increase in new customers.

With Avery Milton Agency, you can expect your data to be fully leveraged to optimize your marketing strategies and expand your customer base.

Apartment Design and Detail Drawing: Crafting a Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Living Space

At Avery Milton Agency, we turn our clients’ visions into reality through meticulous design and detailed drawing. A prime example of this is a project we undertook for an apartment, where we created detailed design proposals and renderings, including of the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and staircase.

Our work involved carefully balancing functionality and aesthetics, presenting the client with design alternatives that are not only practical but also visually appealing.

We drafted drawings for building permits and collaborated with a staircase supplier and carpenter to ensure every detail was correctly constructed, and all specifications were met.

The outcome of this project is a meticulously crafted apartment reflecting both functionality and design, with each element, from the staircase to the kitchen, drawn with utmost precision and care.

Choose Avery Milton Agency for your next design task and experience how we transform your vision into reality with a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Adhesive Mobile Support: An Innovation Born from Daily Need

At Avery Milton Agency, we turn everyday challenges into innovative solutions.

A prime example is our adhesive mobile support, a product developed to secure mobile devices to smooth surfaces using nanotechnology. This innovation was sparked by a team member noticing his mother’s difficulty holding her phone during lengthy video calls. Following a comprehensive development process that tapped into our competencies in areas like marketing, rapid prototyping, and 3D design, we’re now proud to offer this product online and in the Gekås Ullared store, providing an easier digital experience for all mobile users.

Frico: Innovative Product Development and Dedicated Leadership

As the product responsible at Frico, Elias Ayoub was a key figure in steering projects from the concept phase to pre-production. Elias’ blend of creativity and technical expertise distinguished him as a leader in design and development.

Elias was a vital part of a six-person R&D team, where he was involved in various stages of development and pre-production phases of projects. He consistently maintained contact with suppliers and was responsible for validating products during the launch phase. Through his work, Elias highlighted his ability to visualize ideas and create prototypes, which was critical for driving projects forward.

His strong problem-solving ability and attention to detail contributed to the success of the projects, and his valuable efforts resulted in an offer for a permanent position at the end of the assignment. This success reflects Elias’ dedication, expertise, and the significant impact he had on the team.

During his time at Frico, Elias developed competencies in English, innovation development, rapid prototyping, product innovation, 3D design, and 3D visualization. His experiences there have further strengthened his role at Avery Milton Agency, where he continues to deliver exceptional results and contribute to our client’s success.

ABB: Innovation and Technical Expertise in Network Component Development

At Avery Milton Agency, we excelled in designing network components for ABB. We combined technical proficiency and innovative thinking to exceed expectations. Our team prioritized understanding client needs and market trends, collaborating to optimize performance and safety while minimizing costs and environmental impact. Leveraging advanced tools and methodologies, we enhanced network components and created innovative solutions that reinforced ABB’s market standing. Our time at ABB also strengthened our skills in PTC Creo, rapid prototyping, 3D design, and more, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional results at Avery Milton Agency.

Online Stores: Expertise in E-commerce Development and Customer Experience

At Avery Milton Agency, we have comprehensive expertise in e-commerce development and customer experience. We’ve successfully built approximately 30 online stores, integrated with renowned payment systems like Klarna and PayPal. Specializing in popular platforms like Shopify and WordPress, we offer flexibility in crafting tailored solutions for every unique business model. Our proficiency extends beyond the technical, as we’re committed to creating seamless, intuitive, and engaging online shopping experiences to boost your order rate and strengthen your brand’s digital image. Trust Avery Milton Agency for your next online store’s development, and see how our expertise can enhance your customer experience and e-commerce success.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least
try to do something remarkable?”

Elias Ayoub